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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Goodbye Seth Cohen

Tonight marks the last episode of the OC. (tear).

For 4 years this sometimes too self aware drama on Fox has had me in its grip. The strongest grip being in season 1 when too cool for school Summer Roberts fell for emo kid Seth Cohen's geek chick charms. I continued to watch through season 2 and 3 even though horrible storylines with androgenous Johnny, bisexual Alex and horrible brother for all seasons Trey came through Newport.

This last shortened season was a breath of fresh air because of a more comedic flair to it. Namely Taylor Townsend made me watch the OC with fervor again. Her romance with Ryan, who I always thought grunted too much for his own good, made me giggle and smirth at the Newpsies once again.

Forever will I hold a place in the anals of my heart for Seth Cohen. Its right between Brian Krakow and Willow Rosenberg.


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