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Sunday, September 24, 2006

DS Camping Rocks!!!

10 DS's, A Million Stars and 1 campfire. Nintendo should pay us for doing it first.

But DS Camping ruled last weekend at the Fairview Campground in Kern. Along with playing a good deal of multi-player games, there was some good old fashioned rock throwing as well.

Thanks to Pringle for a mean fire and some mean pork and beans. Thanks to ALL the hot sluts that came. Til Next Time!!!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

What i want for Christmas.....

Griffin iKaraoke -

this coming Winter, the new microphone-based device plugs directly into
iPod's universal dock, transmitting instrumentals and backup vocals (minus lead
vocals) to your stereo using an in-line connection or an FM transmitter. With a
switch to toggle lead vocals off and on and three levels of reverb—now all
you'll need are lyrics.

Thanks to Tony for the info.

Friday, September 08, 2006

If only I could do the same....

Here's my buddy and pal Anderson. I can't believe he was falling asleep as he was eating. I only wish I could transition as easily from eating to sleeping. My life would be then complete.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Postal Service...

I love me the postal service. And if your my friend you'd know this.

Here's a little cut and paste from Its great news for someone like me.

Ex-ex-exclusive, y'all. Below you will find the first of the new leaked Postal Service demos, but no, it's not Ben Gibbard on vocals, it's Jimmy Tamborello. You see, the new album will be divided into thirds with each band member (Tamborello, Gibbard, and Jenny Lewis) singing on a third of the album. Furthermore, each member will be writing their own lyrics and music for their respective third, and the track below is taken from Jimmy's opening third of the album. In an interview with free press representative Corey Walkins, Gibbard confirmed that the recording process for the band's second record is fully underway, going on to say:

"We plan on telling a story with this album. We don't know exactly how many tracks will be on this release; but we anticipate splitting up the ownership of the album three ways. Jimmy has been working with us [(sic) Ben Gibbard, Jenny Lewis "The Postal Service"] for some time now, and will be responsible for opening the story."

Each part, Gibbard went on to explain, will be written completely – musically and lyrically, by the person responsible for it, thus introducing a completely new approach than that taken on the first album, 2003's immaculate Give Up, on which Tamborello created the beats, Gibbard contributed vocals and lyrics, and Lewis chipped in with back up vocals. Thanks to Ontario's Echo Weekly magazine who ran the original interview with Gibbard; below is your exclusive first taste of the as-yet-untitled second Postal Service album.

MP3: "The Importance of Being" – Postal Service

The album has an unconfirmed street date of January 14, 2007, which, you know, can't possibly come soon enough. I know you'll all call hoax due to the un-Postal Service feel of the track (I did too before hearing the explanation), but you'll see soon enough, it's the real deal.

Thanks for the word eWa .