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You would think I'd have something better to do my time. I don't.

Friday, September 30, 2005


I've become what I never thought I'd be. A sci-fi geek freak rooting for a tv show made into a major motion picture. But right now I don't care. This movie was great.Gotta see it! Came out today.

Bit Torrent raises 8.75 mil!!!

Bit Torrent raised 8.75 million in funding!

Since I may or may not have used Bit Torrent for purposes that shouldn't be named, I did my part with a few bucks back in the day when they were asking for mere donations.

I'm thinking more legit uses for bit torrent will probably be made with this money. Darn!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BGirl / BBoy Wedding

Went to a wedding on Sunday the 25th. It was the wedding of my oldest friend in the world, my neighbor down the street and my playmate growing up. Nicole Mae Martin to Leon Lustre. Although they've only known each for a few months, they knew right a way that they were each others soulmates and stuff. So, they decided to get married on their shared birthday of September 25th. Kinda romantic right?

What made this wedding awesome:

  1. Her older more distinguished uncles played the reception in their band called "The Amnesia Band".
  2. Native Pilipino music was made fashionable by the "Kulintang Ensemble". An awesome set of melodic gongs.
  3. The father of the bride declared that his son-in-law didn't have to cut his dreds off.
  4. When called upon, the bride made good and joined in the native Pinoy dancing.
  5. 3 djs. 4 turntables and a whole lotta scratching.
  6. The Groom rapped his way into our hearts.
  7. The Bride breakdanced in her dress and black adidas like no other.

I along with 7 other girls were her bridesmaids. By the way...$10 for the sweet dress I'm wearing. Anyways..this wedding had probably one of the freshest eclectic receptions ever.

You might be wondering if I busted out my "worm" at this wedding as I usually do. The answer is HELLS NAW!!! I'm a straight up poser. The people here are really bboys and bgirls. Half the bridal entourage are engulfed and enmeshed in hip hop culture and I didn't want to look the fool as I usually do as I do.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the button is bad. the numbers are bad.

From's audio of the what Walt says to Shannon but played backwards. How so 1980s of them to play this trick on us.

Scary. Not Really.

Now here's someone with a crapload of time on their hands. I like LOST and everything, but I didn't even have enough time or patience to read through all this schit. Its basically the LOST numbers and any and all significance they have to the things within the show. I mean anything!!!! This person is either pure genius or a total nut job. It could either way.

As if you didnt know the infamous bad #s are 4 8 15 16 23 42.
For instance. 8 = # of months Claire was pregnant when they crashed. # of kilometers the hitman tells Jin to drive. # of people that die in Hurley's shoe factory fire.

The Lost Numbers Reference Guide.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Super Mario Opera

Watch out Barber of Seville. Watch out Tommy. Watch out Madame Butterfly. Here comes Mario!

There is a trailer!!! (right click and save as)
**thanks eWa**

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dance-off my ass.

What a waste of time!! I know, I know you could have told me that anyway. But I naively thought it would be fun.

Screw them with their mandatory dress code. I got to the Santa Monica Barker Hangar (where the rematch was to be filmed) 1 hour before they told us to. Just to be safe. We were respectfully number 97 and 98. People were already lining up at noon. In my cocktail dress and heels...not to mention pearls, my friend and I waited for 2 hours in 3pm California sun and heat. Did you even hear me? I said heels. My feet hate me. The told me so. It was so horribly painful. But we waited. and waited. and waited. They finally let in all the VIPS. And then they let the peons, the normals sluts and hos in. Yup there were a few pretty good ho-ey types.

You know what...nevermind. To make a long story short. We thought we weren't going to get in, only we actually got in. But when we got in, we got denied seats. No seats, so we stood, only to have the PA's push us behind some curtains to not see anything at all. And then FINALLY they told us to skat. We didn't leave empty handed.....we left with tickets to "Ice Skating with the Stars" with Dave Coulier. Yipee. :l

Monday, September 19, 2005


Its on peeps!!! Tomorrow is the official "Dancing with the Stars: Rematch" on ABC. Seems that a wrong is finally being attempted to be made right. If you were like me and watched this show like a mad woman, you would know that Mr. Pederman's rightful place as Best Celebrity Ballroom Dancer had been stolen from right under his feet by this snooty little Soap Star. I've a seen a couple of interviews with ms. monaco and it seems that she's still under the impression that she is actually a great dancer and her win had nothing to do with biased dance judges that were obviously being paid off by her soap's mother company. Hey I don't really wanna knock her because she's one heck of a soap star. I do watch General Hospital from time to time but seriously she has none of the style or grace of John O'Hurley. Its so obvious!
Tomorrow's show will be great!! And I'm gonna be there, mandatory cocktail dress and all, just to see her downfall!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Memorable Moment

This pic right here was the best moment of my whole trip. Well the best before it was tainted with the truth of the situation. 3 of us were on a hired boat driving through a vietnamese floating village in Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. It was at this point that we got to the opening of the Lake through one of the tributaries. The sky and lake melded into one big wall of greenish-grey and I could imagine how people used to think the world was flat. I sat in quiet just amazed at what I was witnessing. Out of nowhere 3 kids in there basins, used as boats, came barreling through the water with their makeshift oars. The girl said a few words in Vietnamese so my vietnamese fluent friend Jen responded to her. The girl was a little surprised that she spoke her language but preceded to entertain Jen with whatever story she had. The girl then asked Jen to ask the 2 other foreigners to give her money. We thought she was cute enough and gave her few Riel on the condition that she share with her 2 brothers. She basically said "No Way Jose" and left as quick as she came. After we gave her brother a little something too, we left our funny little encounter.

It was here that reality set in. As we were heading back to dry land, we noticed that there are these "basin kids" everywhere. I'm talking everywhere. And all of them asking for a little bit of change. I would have liked to have helped all of them out but seriously the numbers were out of control and there was only so much small change and bills that I even had. The more daring ones grabbed onto our boat, hitched a ride, and gave us the puppy dog eyes. I give props to the original 3 kids, because they probably scoped out the best spot on the lake!

For those who don't yet...I'm back in the Valley hizzy.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hoi An

I'm in Hoi An as of now. Halong Bay was amazing. We slept on a junk boat one night and in a hut on a private beach another night. I couldn't have asked for more in the spectacular scenery. Although kayaking was was crazy hot to do it for 4 hours. But I got through it just and my gallons of bottled water.

I've been in Hoi An only half a day and I've already gotten a peacoat, a bridesmaids dress and a skirt tailor made for me!!! Its crazy cheap!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I may not have a job but...

you can't beat being in another country and learning from the cultures around you. I'm in Hanoi, Vietnam now but I just came back from Cambodia where I was in Siem Reap to see the wonders of the Temples of Angkor. Simply amazing. The poverty is very striking and cannot and should not be ignored. It was only 10 years ago that the people suffered through civil war and continue to suffer some of the ravages that from that war. 1 out of 275 people are amputees and still today 40-50 people a month become victims of the landmines from the war. But through this strife, you can see a sense of hope and what is to come. There is a great feeling of life among the people. I highly recommend coming to Cambodia before the onslaught of tourism becomes that of which has happened to Thailand. In Siem Reap alone, hotels are going up at a rate of almost 2-3 new hotels a week.

Anyway....Disney still sucks and I'm off to Halong Bay soon.