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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Not just OC Night

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There's more to OC Night then just the OC. It started out as a weekly viewing venture with Jon to watch this guilty pleasure of mine. Its a simple routine really. Get dinner, bring it back, eat and watch with pleasure and the night ends with all as happy as can be. Since the new year has started, Tony and Amanda have joined us and its a bit more of a partaay.

I have to admit, the show about the rich of Orange County is in a bit of a sophmore slump. So we need to supplement ourselves with a bit more fun. Now on top of watching the OC, we game. The 3 have introduced me to Mario Party, Jeopardy and Amplitude. Its a whole mixed media night of sorts. I'm now contemplating getting a system. That freakin' amplitude game is kinda fun. Its a bit seizure inducing at first. don't want to hear about this.

What game system should I get? If I get I one! Advice?

Now if this videogame playing is a secret plan of their's to phase me out of watching the OC! It aint gonna happen. I love me the Sethummer too much.

Thailand it is.

This relatively young lady has made it official with the first deposit on my birthday trip.

Monday, January 24, 2005

All Baby'd Out.

I went to my 3rd Baby Shower ever this weekend and I've had my fill. And can I also mention that this is my 3rd in the last 6 months. Its official, the wave of weddings that filled my twenties has now passed and has moved onto the wave of baby production. I love my friends and the babies that will soon come out of their yayas but the whole shower thing is pretty taxing. If you've never been to one its basically women of all ages playing baby themed games, eating and watching as the pregnant mama tries to bend over and pick up another gift to unwrap. The first shower that I went to was actually pretty fun because I was a newbie to the whole extravanza. But this last one had me wanting to run for the trees. Another pregnant friend, sharon, and myself ended up at a table with 2 other women that we had never met before. Actually, other than the host and her family, my friend and I had only known each other at the shower. So with the small talk, I realized that these 2 women were stay at home moms with 2-3 kids each that they keep reign on. They asked us if we were moms. My friend Sharon said she has one on the way and I said nicely that I had none. From here on in, anything I said or did was pretty much ignored. I mean totally and utterly ignored. Its like anything I had to say was totally moot, even if it was about the food we were eating. Sharon would try to bring me in on the discussions but the MOMS swiftly changed the subject to babyfood and diaper preferences. I know I'm not part of the mom club but seriously be a little nice ladies.

Thank God it was time for the games. 14 unlabeled jars of baby food were brought out to the tables. It was each persons job to taste and smell each jar while trying to successfully determine was flavor it was. The MOMS upped their annoyance factor on this one. Mom #1 knew for sure that it was Apricot because her little Kylie would spit it up all the time and stain her bibs with it. Mom#2 was adamant that the beige paste in a jar was obviously Ham because her little Max adored the Gerber Ham and the shape of the jar told her it was a level 2 food. I let them do their thing while I took a bit too much enjoyment in taste testing the vanilla custard. Which by the way I got right, but they took credit for answering. Needless to say, the know it alls got only half of them right. They apparently got all the meats wrong. At this point, I could really care less with a tummy full of custard and cups fulls of the champagne punch.

I think all in all baby showers can be fun. My only advice to those out there planning one...a seating arrangement would be nice. Divvy up the childless from those with child. Or better yet just dont invite the annoying.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Its been 20 or so years and the Karate Kid makes a one night only appearance down in Santa Ana. We couldn't say no. Some friends and myself made the trek after work down some 50 miles south in order to see Ralph Macchio play Danny LaRusso. Well worth it my friends. Well worth it. Did I laugh when I wasn't suppose to laugh this time around? Yes. Did Ralph Macchio not carry the handsomeness that I used think he possessed when I was 10? Yes. Did Elisabeth Shue look twice the size of Ralph? Yes. Did Mr. Miyagi play the role of a lifetime? Yes. And did I think it was the best? Hell Yes! Posted by Hello

Monday, January 10, 2005

honor. friendship. fisting.

Karate Kid - the Musical!!!

I couldn't believe it. Could it be real?! Its too good to be true.

Go to the downloads section and you'll get a taste of this magical spectacle. My favorite song has to be "The Way of the Fisting". uh huh. "Wax On. Wax Off. is a close second."

Sunday, January 09, 2005

I'm ripe for the picking.

I've finally seen Sideways. Its a great movie that I totally recommend for all, but seriously its an even greater ad for the wineries up in Santa Inez California. I left that theater ready to make reservations up there at the Windmill Inn and taste wine all weekend long. I wanna drink a Pinot Noir right now and I want to know exactly what I'm smelling and tasting as I drink it. I want to run through a grape vineyard with the wind in my hair while dirt kicks up into the air. WTF? The same thing happened to me when I saw Super Size Me. As I was watching the documentary, I had a desire to run to McDonalds and order me up a large fries. This is definitely not the reaction they were probably going for but hell it was like an automatic Pavlovian reaction to just seeing the fries on screen. The brainwash is now complete.

Friday, January 07, 2005

peru vs northern thailand

or maybe china.

seriously..I just don't know anymore. Still don't know where I'm going. For months, I was all on board for a trip to peru to hike the Inca Trail and finally see Machu Picchu. But mind is reeling. I finally found out that my last day at work is officially May 13th. This allowed me to seriously look up trip dates and air prices. Although Peru is very doable, Thailand just seems to be cheaper. (Northern Thailand mind you...I know Southern Thailand is in no shape to even consider going to.) At the beginning of this evening and for awhile, I have been so anti going to Thailand. Its just been too popular a destination for tourist folk. I wanted something off the beaten track. But after talking for 4 hours to my cousin and my friend, who are possibly taking the trip with me, its seems like it could be the most fun. Another consideration that was brought up was China. I have a few friends living in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Them and the Great Wall would be the major draws to go there. Final decision is supposed to be made Tuesday night. The good thing is the 3 of us are finally meeting and hammering this schit out. The bad thing is we all have so many different places we want to go. I think Tuesday will be a nightmare.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

coffee for your grounds

Coffee grounds make great fertilizer for plants that need nitrogen. Just mix it in the soil. You can also use coffee grounds for composting.

Starbucks has a "Grounds for your Garden" program and gives away coffee grounds for free to anyone who asks.
Apparently they give them away in poundsful.