Complacent P

You would think I'd have something better to do my time. I don't.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

here comes trouble..

Meet my 1 niece and 2 goddaughters. They are mini hot bitches in their flower girl dresses. They look sweet but they are surely planning their next reign of havoc.

Daph, Nika and Janine represented our LA crew this weekend in San Jo the Golden Ghetto. It was Uncle Bong's wedding. Yes..his name is Bong. You wanna fight?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Can't figure out what to get grandpa?

This is just in time for the holidays. What do you get grandpa this Xmas? Can't decide between a tie and socks for dad? Your best friend need a holiday picker upper?
Your search is over......

Im thinking the "cougar model " will probably sell out.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Home sick!

I hate being sick. Today..I took the day off from work because I feel like crap. I used to like being sick but that was when I was like 10 years old and I could play hooky from school and watch tv all day. Granted..I still like watching tv all day. But seriously..when I'm home all ill and everything I feel like an unproductive smelly part of society. Plus, it shouldn't physically hurt to drink a glass of water, should it?

Time to watch the Price is Right and shortly after watch the first season of Veronica Mars that came in the mail a couple of days ago. Netflix, I love you.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

U2 and 2 A-holes.

I saw U2 at Staples tonight. Great! Now that I got that out, let me get to the part that I want to talk about.

I paid $110 for my ticket and was looking forward to seeing U2 before they became the Rolling Stones. There were 2 guys sitting in front of us and they were fuckers. They both talked through most of the first 7 or so songs. Wait..let me correct myself. They SCREAMED through most of the first 7 or songs. Listen, people can talk a little and have fun and sing as badly as they want to but seriously I came to see U2 sing and not listen to their drunken babble. Stupid. Suprisingly, non confrontational Pam told the aholes to shut their trap because I didn't want to hear them mess up Bono's voice anymore than they already had. Well, I didn't say it like that but I did tell them to keep their lips tight. I got 5 minutes of quiet and then the AHoles preceded to be crazy noisy again and mocked me every time they pretended to be quiet again. Whatever. I'm so angry. How rude can you really be? Like 12 year olds I tell ya. I wish I had a pic of them that I could put up. They look like a pair of douche bags with gelled up longish hair, soul patches and ears pierced from 1993. You know the type.

Anyways..I still have a crush on Larry Mullen.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005