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You would think I'd have something better to do my time. I don't.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

TomFreak on Oprah

i love have to love "Best Week Ever" for doing this. This is what I want to see -- Oprah kicking some Tom Cruise Ass.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Project Runway - the final 3

Straight from Fashion Week.
Daniel Vosovic's Fall Collection 2006
Chloe Dao's Fall Collection 2006
Slutino's Fall Collection 2006

(decoy) Kara's Fall Collection 2006

By the way after last night's episode, it wasn't very hard to hate Slutino again.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Project Runway at Fashion Week

I found this online and it looks very interesting and quite spoilery. Bradford Shellhammer phones in a Project Runway recap from Bryant Park. By the sounds of it crunchy hippie girl, Kara, might be doing herself good.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Midnight Ridazz - i heart my bike

Last night was the Midnight Ridazz 2 year anni. It had been a few months since my last ride so what better time to come back to it then for this occasion. I was warned that the ride would be a bit longer than usual with a hill up to Dodger's Stadium. (It wasnt just a hill, there were many hills.) In my estimation there were about 600-700 peeps on this ride out. The 20 something mile ride started in the regular starting point at the Pioneer Chicken in Echo Park and went as far as the Glendale Galleria parking garage where everyone screamed like mad people all the way through. The popo in Glendale didn't much appreciate us blocking traffic and taking up lots of street in their city. "The man" even sicked the ghetto birds on us. You would have thought were on the lamb from the law or something. We eventually made it back to Echo Park (unfortunately, paramedics came to help a fallen rider who was hit by a car) and continued on to Dodger Stadium through to Elysian Park. I have to admit that I had to get off my bike 2xs to walk up the hills. At this point my legs were like jello. The end of the ride ended for me at a point overlooking the city at the Peter Shire sculpture. I had to once again walk my bike up this unlit dirt path. The finale was a little anti-climactic for the fog pretty much ruined any kind of cool view.

All in all I reached the end around 12:30am. I think i failed to mention that I rolled this ride solo. But although alone, biking amongst the community of riders, i never once felt lonely. Its something everyone should try once in LA.

***Much love to Joel and Eddie who putted around on a vespa taking footage of the whole thing!!!! I got to catch up with them before and after the ride.****

Friday, February 10, 2006


Bye Bye Nick. Bitch, I'll miss you.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tim Gunn or Slutino

Ok..I'm still not completely in love with Slutino just yet but due to his kick ass impression of Tim Gunn, he has slowly worked his wiles on me and I am now warming up to satan himself.

So while still in a good spirits about Santino, I've made this little tim gunn/santino player....enjoy!!

Now if you can't tell who is who....well shame on you!!! Better start paying more attention bitches.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Not Lost without Her!!!

Michelle Rodriguez is Done !!!!! Ding dong the witch is almost dead.

"The producers are fed up with the fact that she barely shows up on the set and
is always in a bad mood," Us Weekly quoted an "insider" as saying. "They said
she was getting killed off as soon as they could write it in."

My prayers have been answered by the tv gods! This chick can not act and and has the same stupid face of grouch for every character she plays. Plus, she killed freakin' shannon. Of course she should get killed off!!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I love me "Rock en Espanol"

I want a Latin Lover and his name is Juanes. thanks to my friend Eric..I went to see Rock En Espanol king - Juanes, a shortening of his full name Juan Esteban Aristizabal on the Tonight Show today. This guy is Latin Rock KING!!! I have no idea what he says and his hair is typically longer than I'd like any guy's to be but yet I love him!!! Ask any spanish speaker and you will probably hear about their love of the Juanes. I was one of 4 untypical fans that came specifically to the Tonight Show just to see the taping of Juanes as the musical guest. 1st was a non spanish speaking mexican, 2nd was me - a pilipino girl whose spanish vocabulary only spans "my name is" and "feliz navidad" and our 3rd and 4th were 2 whiteys (male and female) born and raised in Los Angeles. (Now to to be fair one of them lived in Peru for over a year and actually knows spanish.)

After having to sit through Opie Howard's now actress daughter and Harrison Ford's disjointed and slow responses for almost 50 mintues, Juanes finally took the stage with "La Camisa Negra". Its the best song on his latest CD called "Mi Sangre". Out of my little group, 3 out of 4 actually wore camisa negras. Nerds? I don't deny it. Juanes was awesome in a fitted jacket, pin strip slacks and black chuck taylors. I could have sworn he looked at me and winked. (This is what I choose to believe. Maybe not..but don't ruin my fantasy).

Now I tivo'd his appearance tonight. The 4 of us untypicals are so on TV cheering on our latin man.