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You would think I'd have something better to do my time. I don't.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

a gift for jasi-slut

My dearest slut jasmine commented recently on what is my profile pic on my "myspace".

I was at a karaoke costume party. I told people i was Sheena Easton. This definitely dated me. Can you believe there were people at the party that did not know what "We are the World" was? I'm old.

This is the picture in question.

Here's what she had to say:
dialogue for me.....ok, 3 things...

#1)is that made out of silver lame' or lamay or however it's spelled?

#2)i hope this costume was part of a contest, and if so, i hope it won some kind of amazing prize...because it should have.

#3) you should consider upgrading this look from "costume" to "everyday wear". i am totally smelling a fashion trend.

i have other questions and thoughts but i like to leave some things up to the imagination.

In response:
1.Yes its lamé. I found its spelled that way too.
2.I did not win any sort or prize for this outfit but I did take home a goodie bag full of NSYNC memorabilia. (i.e. nsync autograph book, nsync magnet). this was worth more than any normal goodie bag any day.
3.As for upgrading from costume wear to everyday wear. Its already in the works.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bloc Party, Broken Social Scene and Mew

Just recently I went with my usual Triple L peeps to see Bloc Party, Broken Social Scene and Mew at the Greek. eWa got us tickets in the pit. He got 4 so an addition of a Kelly was added to the mix. 2 of us didn't know kelly but he likes bikes, concerts and vodka gimlets so he probably was a good guy i thought. Kelly was coming from the LBC. We were all meeting at the zoo so we could roll together. ewa, jenny and I waited in the lot for the Kelly addition. He said he was "8 minutes away". Really...? 8 minutes? no...more like 30 minutes. We were late to see Mew. He owed us big!! We left for the Greek and yes..we just missed Mew. (We are seeing them on monday at the Troub so really it wasn't that big a deal.)

Just as we got there, Kelly got us a carafe of wine and beers. We immediately forgave him for his tardiness. Although jen still wanted him to buy her a bss shirt to make up for his faux paux. Jen got chicken strips and i got a pinks dog. Delish.

Here are pics during the Broken Social Scenes set:

Mid BSS set we saw Scott Speedman aka the Lycean in Underworld and those in the WB know...Ben from Felicity.

Now pics during the Bloc Party set:
Now the best for last...we also spotted Pacey from Dawson's Creek. Jen and I were all spazzy and got our teen dream photo with him! Poor eWa and Kelly..its all we could talk about after the concert.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Trashing it Up on the River

The annual Float in Reedley, Cali.

3 1/2 hours


2 pairs of sunglasses
a cooler
a couple of beers
2 popped rafts
an upchucking debbie.

Blush wine
a vodka/beer/pink lemonade mix
wine coolers
ritz crackers