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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My new iPod

I finally gave in. I got an iPod today!!

I named her The Bean.
And now I'm up at 1:53am trying to upload as much music as I can so I can bring it in to work tomorrow! I think I'm just too excited to have my new toy!This is going to be a process that will take me the better part of the rest of the weekend. Plus..I have my aunt's new iPod to set up too! Goodness!

Anyway..I think Ill import maybe 2 more cds and off to bed I go.

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Fried Oreo or the Twinkie??

I had been hearing lost of talk about theLA County Fair this summer. The most frequently talked about was the various fried foods that it had to offer. Well, that and the 30 different foods on a stick. My curiosity was peaked when I heard things like twinkies, candy bars, oreos and even white castle burgers were being fried to perfection!!! So like every normal human being I have an affinity for all things fried and I decided to go.

After already eating a chili dog, some orange julius and even some fried artichoke hearts, my friend Amy and I had hit the motherlode and found the booth with the brunt of the fried stuffs. We ordered a fried twinkie and an order of fried oreos. Here is my comparative review of both.

FRIED OREO: I was a bit apprehensive at what taste might come from a fried oreo but as soon as it was laid in my hand I could tell it would be a glorious experience. The order was a set of 4 batter covered oreos cookies, which I did not expect. They were fresh from the fryer because I could feel their heat warming my hand through paper plate. The first bite surprised me. I expected to have the cookie crunch immediately but what I got was a soft warm delectable heaven. The cookie had melted into a soft brownie-esque consistency. The covering batter was delicious because it was similar to funnel cake. And to top it all off all the cookies were covered in a warm chocolate topping with sprinkles. I would even go so far as to say that this might be one of my top 5 favorite desserts. Everyone should give this a shot!

FRIED TWINKIE: When ordering the twinkie we were given an option of chocolate topping or strawberry. To be honest, there was no topping that could improve the taste of a fried twinkie. We had decided on the strawberry topping because we knew the oreo would be very chocolatey. The twinkie was fried as is. So basically, you had a regular twinkie with a slightly crispy outside. When I cut into the twinkie, the creamy goodness was no longer goodness. It slightly looked like an excretion that I care not to share. As for the taste, it tasted like the chemicals that let it have a shelf life of 100 years. The popularity of this fried fair food was totally lost on me. Boo to the twinkie!!

bassmaster and his lei

I recently found out that Leina, one of the 25 bachelorettes on the Bachelor, is my 3rd cousin or 2nd cousin once removed or thrice removed. Whatever, point is we're related.

Basically, my dad and her mom are cousins. And her mom, Linda, was one of my mom's bridesmaids. I think we've met maybe 3 or 4 times at some random family parties, so NO I don't have the inside scoop on anything. Which means I'm not cheating on "the bachelor" pool!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

LOST s01.e01

All summer I've been hearing good things about the show. I was ready for the hype and I'm happy to say that the show is great. I can't wait to see what these "monsters" are. I'm thinking something "Predator-esque". At least thats what it felt this will sound lame, but my friend who is friend's with a good friend of Greg Grunberg's(I sound so lame) said, that the intensity of the show will continue to escalate. What was really great about the first ep is that it will be keep up with the quality of writing and story for at least half of the season which is where they are almost up to in terms of filming. To me, this was very encouraging to hear. It just seems if done too fast and poorly, the sci-fi aspect of the show can turn to the cheesy in a bad bad way.

Please stay good.

Friday, September 24, 2004

calgon take me away...

I've begun researching places and countries to possibly visit for my big 3-0 trip. Awhile back I decided that when I turned 30, I'd take a big personal trip. When I say big, I do not mean big in length or expense. I mean an adventurous trip, an educational trip, a challenging trip.

Inspiration has took hold of me because of my world travelling friends Bill and Micah. I believe in this leg of their tour they are probably headed down the Amazon River catching piranha while learning about a plant or two. So, because of them I'm considering taking an adventure tour as an option for my planned excursion.

Now, the field has been narrowed toward Asia. Nepal? Sarawak? Uzbekztan? Cambodia? I'm just not sure.

What is this? A pre-midlife crisis? No. This is just me sick and tired of sitting on my ass at work. I'm only 29 but I'm done with seeing the walls of a cubicle all day. I shouldn't really complain because of one of the few people who actually likes the people she works with and likes what she does. BUT, we are put on this earth to see what the world has to offer. I'm here to work to live and not live to work. I've never been that person.

When I graduated from college, I promised myself that every year from then I'd travel somewhere new. So far so good. I look forward to wherever the next plane takes me.

Does not even compare to Pride and Prejudice. Posted by Hello

doesnt even compare...

An epic television miniseries, this BBC production is a literary adaptation that follows the Victorian pride of the Forsyte family through the scandals and mistakes of the patriarch, Soames (Damian Lewis).His ways change when he sees his cherished daughter grow up to be a captivating young woman (Gina McKee) who carries on the family pride. Based on JamesGalworthy's Nobel Prize-winning novel.

I'm trying to give it a chance. Its sorta sucked me in. Saga,
epic, adaptation, scandal, family...all words that attracted me to putting
it on my netflix queue. Lewis is sad and loveless but oh so delicious. And dare
do I forget to mention Ioan Gruffudd. Mr.Hornblower is also very nice dandy
candy BUT so no way does it compare to the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Eyes on Fire

My eyes are burning. I'm just so tired today and its only Thursday! DSW will make me feel better at lunch. That were I'm headed.

My friend asked if we were losers for not going out after last night concert. Maybe we are, but I'm getting old and my ass needs its sleep.

Total and Utter Nonsensical Nonsense: Quote for the day

Frank Black and Co.

Just got back from the Pixies Show at the Greek. Went with Tim, Tony, Amanda, Jerry and Sophie. The show wasn't too long nor too short. It was just right. Sorry no pics. I left the phone in the car.

Rilo Kiley @ theEcho Cam Pic

Here's Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley at the keyboard. She was so close, I could have stummed her guitar for her. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Yesterday Rilo Kiley, today the Pixies

Last night I saw Rilo Kiley at the Echo. Sweet last minute show to tighten up their set prior to the concert tour. Tonight, I got the Pixies at the Greek. (I'm even skipping the Bachelor premiere for this. lol.) I'm tired now, guess whose going to be really tired tomorrah!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hmmm. its been awhile hasn't it.
Well my fat ass is at a new place of work now. I went to In n Out for Meat Tuesday. Things are quite different having it in Universal City as opposed to Culver City. I had the regular Animal Protein Style Double Double. I should have sticked to that..but...who ordered fries? I did. I did.

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