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You would think I'd have something better to do my time. I don't.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Got a haircut today! Thank GOD! My hair was looking pretty nappy. I don't think I even realized how long it was until a few days ago. Basically the cut is a heavy bang with choppy layers. 4 inches were cut in my length so now its right below my shoulders.

This place was recommended to me through a couple of friends (both with good looking hair). Its funny but I've passed by this shop numerous times and never really gave it a second thought. My optometrist is literally right next door. Anyway...they don't take appts. so the wait can be extremely long. I was prepared with a book when I showed up. Good thing because I waited for 2 hours to get my haircut. If I didn't have my book, there was a lot there to keep me busy. There are a number of magazines and newspapers to peruse, the music and ambience is very cool and there are usually enough people around that you can do a great deal of people watching.

I definitely recommend this place. Its in Silverlake on 4451 Sunset Drive. Katty corner from the Vista Theatre.
Life seems to throw us curve balls all the time. Situations are thrown at us that sometimes seem unmanageable and unbearable. And some people are more prone to these curve balls more than others. Why is that? I complain that I have a boring life and nothing seems to really happen but really I'm glad that I don't have a lot of drama in my life.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

can you believe it?

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This was Chinatown in Los Angeles this past President's Day weekend. Practically a ghost town with all the rain. But it was great for me and the lack of waiting i had to do to go to Yang Chow's. Yum on the Slippery Shrimp.

Anyway..I have a great quote from my cousin Karen as she attempted to describe a particular restaurant in Chinatown.

"You know, its the place with a lot of asian people around!" -Karen Lao.

looks like a new variation of the worm

Dang! I wish I could pull these moves.

Is it me though or are his legs way shorter than they should be?

Friday, February 18, 2005

5k, Bike Tour and more

I ran the chinatown firecracker 5k last weekend. Well run isn't exactly the word I should use. More like walked because my body can't handle running. It started off as a nice day and a festive day at that. But when the start gun fired and I started my jog, I knew that it wasnt going to be pretty. Only probably 50 yards into the run, my knees started to go. I hadn't really exercised in a while so this is the most probable reason. But seriously? Is my bodyfalling that much apart already. I'm only 29. Since college, I started to have troubles with me knees when I hyperextended one playing basketball. But now its just painful to run on them. Could be the extra weight I've put on? Maybe. I need to start exercising hard core again and try and work out these knee problems. This being said...I have the Acura Bike Tour in March. 26 mi of all bike. The biking won't be hard on my knees as much as running. But...I guess Ill have to wait and see.

Monday, February 14, 2005

My New Favorite Pick-Up Line

From a deleted scene of Futurama (ep: "Parasites Lost"):

"Bring me my library card 'cause I'm checkin' youse out!"

Happy VD Day, I guess.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Beck once again

I'm getting in on the secret show action again. Tonight Beck is playing at the Echo as "Hidden Cameras". Tickets went on sale yesterday. It sold out pretty quick. I immediately told friends and in that quick minute it took to decide to hit to buy tickets, the show sold out. I was pretty expedient in telling them, but unfortunately only one got through. This show should be as good as the last one. The Echo is a smaller venue than 1650.

Fingers crossed that my friend eWa doesn't lose the tickets again.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Beck as SeƱor Guero

Thanks to eWa I was informed of a "super secret show" that Beck would be performing at 1650 in Hollywood this saturday.

The tickets went on sale the day of at 6pm. So myself and co. arrived at 1650 at 5pm to lineup. The line had already formed as I pulled up. After 1 hour of waiting, we were able to buy tickets. A max of 4 a person. It was $10 low cost purchase for my lonesome. The doors were supposed to open at 8 so we walked many many blocks to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for dinner. Yum! I just had a #18 "thigh and waffle", biscuit, gravy and some mac and cheese. Now I know this isn't really what I should be eating but I haven't had Roscoe's in awhile and it was too delicious to pass up. I'm going to have to no carb it for a couple of days to recover. During my meal my vision started going and I knew that I was in danger of falling into deep food coma. I couldn't let this happen so I had coffee. Didn't really help after all was said and done.

Oh another tid friend eWa lost his ticket. And yes he was the one that informed me of the show. He could not get in, left and wallowed in a batch of cookie dough at home.

So onto show details. 1650 was a pretty cool venue. It wasn't crazy tiny but still big enough not to feel claustrophobic. The opener was Har Mar Superstar. If you don't know who this guy is, well he's awesomely funny and funnily awesome. He raps. He's soulful and he has the funk. That being said, he looks like a cross between Ron Jeremy and Jack Black. So I couldn't really believe that a pretty decent voice was coming out of this half naked balding man. He kept saying that it was his 26th birthday but I just don't believe it.

Shortly after, BECK came out in all his glory. He may be a little man but he's a sexy beast beard and all. The set he played was mostly alot of new stuff that I had never heard before. And I'm please to say it sounded alot like Beck Odelay. Funkay. It was very danceable and I was boppin' around. When the show ended, I was disappointed because I could of listened to him for another hour or two. There was a bit of an encore performance to another danceable ditty. This time Har Mar Superstar and another tall chubby but cute man came out as backup. Backup dancers that is. It was a nice ending to it all. I was very pleasantly satisfied with my saturday night.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

black monday

So..I've been finally noticing all the valentine's stuff out in full force i.e candy, cards, hearts blah blah blah. As you can see I'm not really looking forward to this holiday.