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You would think I'd have something better to do my time. I don't.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Santino Takes Andrae's Soul

Project Runway Scoop!!

From what I hear....

our dear NICK is designing a dress for Desperate Housewives star Brenda Strong for this Sunday's SAG Awards. At this point he's my favorite to win. If he gets to design a dress for a Desperate Housewife, even if she's an unseen one, maybe Nick either won the whole thing or is more than likely one of the finale 3. Don't think this bitch will be teaching anymore! Good for him.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Go PAC-man!!

I'm not much of a boxing fan but today I am!! The national pride and joy of my peoples won his rematch bout with mexican fighter Eric Morales. KO in the 11th round! This fight was a pretty big deal for both contenders. Their last fight in March was named the 2nd more important match of 2005. (Morales won one by decision) For a sport thats pretty gruesome I sure enjoyed myself alot. The 50 bucks for this PPV was worth it, I got to hear my mom and grandma scream obscenities at the tv while simultaneously coaching Pacman in his boxing technique as if they knew from experience how to beat down a world champion opponent. Dad and uncle threw shadow punches in the air as if they were playing Punch Out right there. There's nothing like a bloody fight to bring family together.

Lake Irvine. Huh??

Did anyone know there was a lake in Irvine that you could go fishing at? Well there is. I was totally surprised. Its stocked with trout in the winter and catfish in the summer. I woke up at 4:30am to meet some work peeps by 6:30am. I doubted the existence of said lake, but I was proven wrong when I made a right turn into the parking lot and actually saw a lake. I and the other ladies on the boat failed to catch a single fish while all the men caught at least one. WTF? However, I must say that the failed fishing excursion was made more pleasant by a bottle of sake in the early morn.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Friends Baby Shower

Instead of talking about Project Runway which I seem to be doing alot, I thought I'd talk about the baby shower I threw for my BFF Amy. It was in La Habra. We played shower games and ate desserts and gambled and open gifts. ugh! its useles.....

I can't do it. I tried. As much as I love my friend and her nearly here baby(he actually has his own blog (
Lil Baby G)...lets talk PROJECT RUNWAY because I just watched it. Thank goodness this episode made up for the lamenes of last week's ep. I mean come on. Last week was a so boring. Plus...seeing Emmett in that tight neon pink blouse. That in itself made the whole episode for me. Dear Emmett, I love your little muffin top. I do!!! I can't really call it a beer belly, because something tells me this boy is probably more into little Sophias than a Guiness. He left fittingly because his little figure skating outfit was muy fugly.

Now...i think this episode totally supports my case even more than ever that Santino is the devil. At one point he said, "He'd eat someone if he had to" and he screamed at Nick (although jokingly) "I want your soul". Who believed he was joking? I didn't. That bitch really wants his soul. Here's my Satantino theory, we all know he is satan personified. Nick is 20xs more talented than Santino. If Santino ate Nick's soul, he would absorb the talent that Nick possesses and claim it as his own. Dude..i think Santino's crazy enough to try and pull that schit off. Actually that crazy would totally eat every one of the last designers if it meant he won at the end. It would make him like some super designer or something. He should just go ahead and eat Heidi too and get it all over with.

As much as I loved Diana...its a good thing she's gone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bye Bye Dirty Diana!!

Dirty Diana, I will miss you!!
I really wanted to see more of her designs. Like the crazy conceptual stuff with crazy ass e=mc2 fuming off her schit. Or an evening wear dress that friggin' time travels you through space. Oh wail.

Do I have to say it again?! I hate Santino. And my irk and hatred grow with each and everyday. (I must admit I love to hate him.) His latest asian inspired design really didn't do it for me. Nick better start disassociating himself from Slutino soon because that bitch will take that other bitch down with him. Andrae started the season on the wrong foot with his daytime drama, but because he's starting to flirt it up with Daniel V, I'm starting to feel that suckah. My predictions for the last 3 are now...Chloe (she's a woman, she's asian, she kicks ass), Nick (I loved his walk off last week. That ho knows how to whip his turns) and Slutino.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Purple Santino Pieman

Honestly...somebody tell me I'm wrong.

The evil baddy "Purple Pieman" from Strawberry Shortcake has become a real boy and his name is Santino!!!

(I'm betting my Santantino nemesis Jassy-slut is going to love him even more)

Welcome Sander.

In February and March alone, 4 seperate friends of mine are having babies. But 2005 alone was a big baby year in itself. In Norway, my old roommate Alva and her boyfriend Trond just had themselves a beautiful new baby boy. His name is Sander and was born on Dec 29, 2005.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Year in Review

Its a few days late...but here's my 2005 in review through the lens of my camera phone.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

OH yea, Santino?! Well I can't stand the sight of your FACE!!!
(Nick should have won)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year Peeps!

Hope y'all had a great and wonderful start to the new year!! I'm wishing everyone the best for 2006!!

Anyway...thank you STEF for linking me to this picture. Its straight up proof that Santino is the devil incarnate. Don't forget there's a new episode tomorrow! Whoo Hoo! They are designing for a socialite and its rumored to be Nikki Hilton. We'll see if my source ends up being right.

From episode 2 on .... each week someone completely breaks down and so far the queen bees have stepped up to the plate first. Chloe had a cry over Daniel Franco leaving, but "auferderseins" don't count.

Episode 1: by week

Episode 2: Andre Gonzalo

Episode 3: Raymundo Baltazar

Episode 4: Santino Rice

Episode 5:??